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Publishing rules

Last updated: Jan 09, 2020

General Provisions

1. This website is a free classified ads website.
2. These rules of ads posting are used to post Users ads.
3. Ads whose content violates generally accepted standards of morality also violate the rights of third parties are not allowed to be published.
4. Anyone can post an ad on this free classifieds website.
5. Posted by users materials that do not correspond to the subject of the website and the requirements of these rules will be deleted.
6. Website moderators will check the ads correct them if necessary, duplicates will be deleted.
7. The administration of the website reserves the right to move your ad to another section which is most suitable for the topic.
8. Responsibility for the content of the ad lies with its author. The website administration is not responsible for the content of the ads and reserves the right to delete any ad without explanation.
9. The website administration has the right to change these rules at any time without notifying the users.
10. The website administration is not responsible for damage, losses or expenses incurred in connection with this website, its use or inability to use.
11. The Website Owner is not responsible for any deal made directly between users. The Website is not the organizer of the deal also not the Buyer, the Seller, intermediary, agent or representative of any User and / or other interested person in relation to the proposed / concluded deal between the Users. With the exception of those deals that go through the Escrow service. In this case, the Website Owner acts as a guarantor, but not an intermediary, until both parties confirm about the successful completion of the deal.
12. When using the resources provided by the website (including ad publishing and using the information) you automatically agree to these Terms and assume the rights and obligations indicated in them related to the use of the website.

Ad Requirements

1. Reliable information must be provided such as price, contact details, specifications, photos, etc.
2. The content of the advertisement must correspond to the rubric in which it is submitted.
3. In the case of the submission of an ad which requires a license and / or permission, the Website / Website Administration is not responsible for the availability, compliance and reliability of the documents provided by the Author of the ad. The buyer must request the necessary documents independently directly from the author of the ad.
4. Fields of the ad submission form must be filled in according to their purpose.
5. The title of the ad should only include the name of the product (or service), all the rest information must be indicated in the description. The title must match the description. Do not indicate in the title of the ad: contact information or websites, price, words that attract attention (for example: sell, stock, attention, etc.).
6. The website administration reserves the right to change the title or section of the ad if they do not comply with the rules for the placement or section of the website.
7. It is imperative to indicate any contact for communication.
8. Photos must match the ad content.