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Safe dealand how it works...

Safe Deal is a guaranteed 100% prepayment that is kept on Coinomart escrow-agent account until the seller fulfills all his obligations and the buyer receives the goods or service.

The Safe Deal also ensures the safety of the buyer’s funds. If the seller violates the terms of the deal Coinomart escrow-agent returns funds to the buyer.

You can also order a legal audit of the cleanliness of an offer.

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How does a deal through an escrow service goes?

  • 1

    Seller and buyer agreed for a Safe Deal
  • 2

    The buyer transfers his funds to the Coinomart safe account
  • 3

    The seller and the buyer make a deal
  • 4

    Coinomart checks for legality of the deal
  • 5

    Coinomart transfers funds to the seller and closes the Safe Deal

Reasons to work with us

  • Independent Third Party

    We act as an independent third party that takes a neutral position between a buyer and a seller.

  • Legal overview*

    We can check any offer for legality that the buyer has selected.

  • Accompany of the deal

    We accompany the deal at every stage and monitor the timely fulfillment of obligations until the deal is completed.

  • Dispute resolution

    We are actively involved in an objective mutual settlement if there is any dispute.

  • All operations are transparent

    All operations are carried out through the Personal Area of participants of the deal. Each participant can track the status and timing of each stage of the deal.

  • Security of transactions**

    Transactions are carried out through an authorized partner Blockmove.io.

*Checking of the legal cleanliness is carried out on a fee basis. You can see the prices on this page below.
**In case of failure to fulfill any obligations on our part the seller or the buyer always has the right to file a complaint with Blockmove.io to block our accounts.

How much does it cost?

The Buyer pays



Coinomart Fee



The Seller gets



Legal audit cost

The cost of checking any offer is 449 USD.

In case the buyer decides to purchase the checked offer we refund the checking cost!