Auto Peugeot 301 1.6 petrol (gas) mechanics (may be for Bitcoin)

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Last Updated: 4 days ago
Kiev, Ukraine

Peugeot brand
Year of issue 2018
Body type Sedan
Color Asphalt
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine capacity 1,600 cm 600
Manual transmission
Mileage 124,000 km

   Peugeot 301 2018 (2016, sale 2018) with the best 1.6VVTI engine with 115 hp. on mechanics. New gas equipment has been installed and entered in the technical passport. Made a lot of maintenance - a new timing belt, pump, brake discs. There is also a set of new branded wheel caps.
  The car has a full power package, heated seats and lower windshield, air conditioning, audio system. The interior is in perfect condition. There are a few little things on the body. Ready to bargain to the last - call!
   We are considering selling for bitcoins !!!!